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08/18/2018 - Partnership HiGuests

Escout has come to an agreement with HiGuests on an amazing collaboration that will make Escout the tool of preference to manage property access for its clients. The first set of Escouts are already in use providing service in their Dubai properties which has been the chosen destiny to give this collaboration a start off. In a near future Escout will provide full integration via API programming.

05/15/2018 - Partnership Clintu

A collaboration agreement signed with Clintu in which Escout will become the preferred tool for access management recommended to its clients selling it at their own marketplace. Since May of 2018 Clintu clients have access to Escout Keylock box via their website with a special discount coupon

01/04/2019 - Haibu 4.0

Last Fall Haibu 4.0 the company that promotes the capsule living spaces in Spain, France and USA will control guest access to shared zones, and the privacy and security of restricted areas by using Escout Padlock. This low cost, low energy BLE 5.0 technology that spreads through the net and connects to a cloud will allow the administrators to have control and manage general access to the co-living installations, shared living zones such as restrooms, and common areas, will guarantee safety to goods kept in lockers and closets providing security and privacy to the living spaces. Escout smart Padlock is a conventional lock with smart technology BLE 5.0 will bring managing capabilities similar to the ones provided by the original Escout Lockbox. The Escout Smart Padlock can be managed by using a smartphone using our App or manually by using a PIN

08/26/2018 - Partnership MyPoppins

My Poppins in partnership with Escout is making the smart keylockbox available to a selected group of clients so they can manage access to their properties where My Poppins service is provided. This is the initial step in the process of full integration of our platforms that will later become available for every MyPoppins' client. Escout provides an API integration program to partners making professional collaborations easy and efficient.

11/10/2018 - Escout Padlock @ Guardatot

We are glad to announce our new partnership with GuardaTot ( that will be using our Escout Smart Padlock in all their 30 facilites. Escout Smart Padlock is our conventional model with the added BLE technology which provides new capabilities to manage access similar to our Escout Smart Keylock Box. The Smart Padlock can be managed using your smartphone and Escout app, or using a digital pin. GuardaTot is one of Catalunya’s main players in the professional storage industry betting on the new technology on access management. At Escout we are excited and looking forward to this collaboration.

01/08/2019 - Govanning & Escout

The leading company for van rentals in Andorra and Escout have reached an agreement collaboration to implement the use of Escout Smart Keylock Box for Checkin/out in all the country.

12/06/2018 - Shiftride & Escout

The leading App for car sharing and Escout have reached an agreement collaboration to implement the use of Escout Smart Keylock Box for keys exchange. Shiftride is a Canadian shared mobility project in which the owner of a vehicle shares his vehicle with time frames among other members. Shiftride is going through a testing period with selected clients as first step for the easy check-in and exchange of keys with our simple technology. The smart Keylock box will be anchored to a special metal support accessory and locked to the car's window.



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