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For over twenty years keylock boxes have only been available for the Real Estate market in the USA. Buying an electronic keylock box for everyday users was impossbile. If you needed to provide access to your kids, a guest, or your dog walker you´d have to resort to making multiple copies of keys, hiding it under a mat, or even worse having to change your schedule to be home to exchange keys!

All of that is changing now with the arrival of Escout. So far the most affordable keylock box in the market. It is electronic, bluetooth enabled, and user friendly. With Escout you do not need to make any more copies of your keys for your kids, or you do not have to change your schedule to be at home to give access to the maintance guy. What I like most about this product, besides its affordability, is the ability to have a record of when and who had access to the keys

With technology ever evolving having a tech product that is very intuitive is a plus. It literally takes two minutes to log in, pair, and open your escout box! Now not only realtors have the privilage to own an electronic keylock box. Anyone with a need to exchange keys, for whatever your personal reason might be, can now own a escout!

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