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Updated: May 11, 2018

The Real Estate market has evolved considerably in the last few years, having to adapt to new necessities from the high demand on rental and buying properties, for key exchange in visits real estate agents in USA use a modern, secure, easy to use tool; an electronic keylock box. This is a box resistant to normal weather conditions that you can hang on doorknob or anywhere near the property assuring that only users who had been authorized by agent can access this box via Bluetooth.

The way it works is very simple through their mobile device agents will provide access remotely to others from anywhere (including other collaborators). With just one finger you can operate the box and have access to the key. By using this technology you are controlling all activity and you will acquire a greater number of appointments that can translate into sells, with less effort and improving the management of your schedule.

As any other innovative and tech device it has objections and restrictions from users. It is normal to see the fear of “leaving a box with a key on the street” but it is important to take into consideration that we are talking about an alloy steel box, secure, able to hang in any area of your choice where is not easy identifiable to your property.

It would not be the first time that objections arise with unknown technology. Nevertheless, there are many with an open mind to innovation and welcome the new gadgets born in the market.

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